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Hua Hin Thai Law consult office would be pleasured to give advice on Thai law that you should know when you reside in this country. What you should know about things around you? And what rights do you have? And how?


An alien is allowed to purchase land in Thailand for residential purpose and the land to be purchased shall be not more than one Rai in area, and the following rules and conditions must be met.

  1. Bringing money not less than forty million Baht into the Kingdom for investment and maintaining the investment not less than five years;
  2. Permission must be obtained from the Minister of Ministry of Interior;
  3. Money brought into the Kingdom shall be invested in one of the following businesses or activities;

3.1. To purchase bonds of Thai Government, bonds of Thai National Bank, bonds of State Enterprise or bonds which the Ministry of Finance secures the capital or interest.

3.2  An investment in a property mutual fund, a property mutual fund or a mutual fund for resolving financial institution problems established under the law on Securities and Stock Exchange;

3.3   An investment in share capital of a juristic person who is granted permission of investment under the law on promotion of investment;

3.4   An investment in an activity as declared by the Board of Investment to be an activity eligible to be granted promotion of investment under the law on promotion of investment;

  1. The land to be acquired shall be located in Bangkok Metropolis, Hua Hin City, or Tessaban (Municipality), or in the area specified as residential zone according to the law on Town and Country Planning and shall not be located in a military safety zone according to the law on Military Safety Zone;


In the process of buying a house, the seller must deliver the house as promised as shown in the brochure or model and house plan. If the house has been delivered and defect appears which cause depreciation or impair the right to use the house as normal or benefits under the terms of the contract. The seller is liable for all whether the seller knew or did not know that there is a defect.

For the house construction contract, the constructor must construct to be comply with house plan in which summit to request building permit from the relevant government department and the relevant government department and must be completed within the time agreed upon. If fail to deliver within the time specified by the contract, the employer has the right to reduce wages or terminate the agreement. If the delivery of work was found of defect within five years, the employer has the right to sue for damages that occurred. And what are the damage payments??? Such as compensation claims arising out of the construction of the house which is not comply with the contract.


When you have worked with someone and have income or have joint property whether as a partner or as husband and wife without register the marriage. You have the authority on behalf of the joint ownership which have right to request for such property without the time limitation (However, if it is too late then such property may not be anything left at all)


Is the property that occurs during cohabiting as husband and wife by the register marriage, whether such property gain from cannot live together and have registered divorce or divorce by judgment of the court, then must share and divided such marriage property. But it has not been divided during the divorce, it shall be deemed that such property which has not been divided yet is the Mutual right of ownership and shall be request to be divided on behalf of the joint ownership later on.


If you are living with your wife without having registered the marriage then the child shall be born as the son/daughter of your wife only. What then is the process you need to go through to make the child registered as your legitimate child??? There are two ways to do this:

  1. You must register your marriage at the local Amphur with together with your wife
  2. Apply a petition to the court and request for the court to issue a judgment that you are the father of the child, and then you could become the legitimate father.





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